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Below you will find links to the resources and activity sheets required for each of the lessons in the Kiki Kiwi & Friends ‘Litter Less’ Full Unit of Work.

  • The interactive resources  such as the Kiki Kiwi storybook, ocean current maps, litterbug animations, litter break down game etc can also be found in our interactive section if you click here.
  • To download the full educational resource booklet click here.

Lesson 1: Where is litter found and where does it come from?

Lesson 2: Litter hazards and impacts

Lesson 3: Types of ‘litterbugs’

Lesson 4: Litter movement in a local context

Lesson 5: Litter movement in a national context

Lesson 6: Litter movement in a global context

Lesson 7: Litter break down

Lesson 8: Litter survey

Lesson 9: Litter audit

Lesson 10: Litter-free education

Lesson 11: Creating ‘litter-free’ lunches