Welcome to the Kiki Kiwi & Friends ‘Litter Less’ education hub for Year 1 to Year 7 students. Here you will find comprehensive lesson plans, interactive worksheets and lots of resources that educate students on the impact litter has on our environment and teaches them the importance of doing the right thing. This programme has been developed in line with the New Zealand school curriculum.

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Course Material

The Keep New Zealand Beautiful ‘Litter Less’ programme presents six inquiry questions that are separated into three interconnected themes and delivered over 12 lessons. Theme 1: Defining litter

  • Inquiry question 1:   What is litter?
  • Inquiry question 2:   How and why do people litter?

Theme 2: Understanding litter

  • Inquiry question 3:   How does litter move, and where to?
  • Inquiry question 4:   How does litter break down?
  • Inquiry question 5:   What does litter look like in our school community?

Theme 3: Actioning

  • Inquiry question 6:   How do we create a litter-free school?

Below you will find the links to everything you need in order to implement the ‘Litter Less’ programme in your school.

  • The full unit of work: This includes a link to the full unit of work, including 12 x lesson plans and 3 x themes
  • Activity sheets: This includes links to all of the activity sheets in the full unit of work
  • Interactive: This includes links to all of the interactive resources for the full unit of work